MAY Bits and bops!

Haay there today i am sharing with u my personal bits and bops of May!
May was a though month for me and my family and i am hoping for June to be a lot better! 
But with all of that going with a positive mind saves the day! 
Here is what you see And yes i am getting a little addicted to selfies :P! 
1.Dams and Xiam having their sleepy time/ 2.Selfie with xiam <3/ 3.Big boy laying on the lap.. pff so heavy:P/ 4.We had a nice walk in the forest with dams and his stick:P / 5. Selfie time with damsii <3/ 6.Chilling/ 7. with a Redbull I just love energy drink can’t help it:P/ 8.Did my nails in a pink color :)/ 9. oh haai :)/ 10. dams in the sun on the chair haha always so funny:P/ 11. jumm nice bone mommy ;)/ 12 YES they have milkshakes in our supermarket Perfect./ 13. uhgm chills.. again :p/ 14. Xiam in the sun chilling / 15. What’s up yow 😛 #duckface/ 16. Selfie in the sun :)/ 17. and again but inside do :P/ 18 Cleaning up my stash pff../ 19. Friday evening.. laying on the couch/ 20. Yesterday in the early morning with dams ❤ Bestie/ 
Hope you all have an amazing Sunday. 
Hugs Nora 
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