01 Karl says trĂ©s chic / 16 George blueney Last week i went to Kruidvat ( again :P) And got … Meer

Nailpolish | Flame Red

Lafemme / Flame Red  Got this new nailpolish the other day at kruidvat the first one you already have seen! … Meer

Nailpolish/ Red ahead

Essence / 155 Red ahead Oh yess some new nailpolish and this time a dark color!And again from essence love … Meer

Swatches/ Nailpolish!

112 Time for romance / 148 Prom-berry  These wonderfull polishes are a new addition to my collection!  Love love love … Meer

Nailpolish / Essence

156 Me & My lover / 154 Pink and Proud Love these pretty colors both!  And they are both staying … Meer