Goodmorning lovely’s!

Today something new on 1310bynora.. i am i kind of digi freak when it comes to phones camera’s etc etc.. and want to do more with my interest for it!
Since we all know samsung, iphone, htc and manny people don’t know anything about other phones that are well a good quality and a way more attractive price i need to share my knowledge!

There are a lot of china sites that offer lot’s of the newest and high end china phones to the budget ones and the replica our inspired phones. is a site i do track down everyday why ? i don’t know i just love to see what’s new on the market in china especially when it comes to phones!.

I did own a Cubot phone. This is a china branded phone just like a samsung or htc.. but then not really known in the Netherlands. Then i won a Sony xperia sp on fashiolista and i am still using that one which makes my boyfriend a owner of the cubot now 😉 But my Sony is really letting me down like #$%^&  and new phones are fun so i always look for something new that can be optional on the wishlist. So future plans a new phone!

What are we all looking for in a phone? Well let’s say it has android. a good quality camera, some nice gb ram and rom, since this is both important for enough space but also enough working space on the device so that it runs fast with out lags you can go for a quad core as a processor but a octa core is even faster!

Today i share 3 phones with you with a great budget and nice futures all underneath $150!

This is the Cubot s200 i love the design. it’s a great budget phone for people that don’t ask to much but still want a good phone to work on. It gives you enough opportunity to go on social media have fun making pictures and enjoy the 3g network or the wifi! 

The Doogee turbo mini F1, is a bit more of a higher level and still a great budget phone. 
You can enjoy the 4g network that is slowly coming up worldwide! With a good processor and a nice camera this is also a pretty good one 😉 

Last but not least the Mijue M690+ A beauty i call it 😛 With a Octa-core processor this device will run pretty fast and also gives you enough space for social media etc etc. It’s a 5″ inch screen which is a bit big but lately all smartphones seems to get bigger! A true beauty right?

Tell me did you ever heard about android phones or china phones and what do you think about it?
Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!
Hugs Nora

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