“Love you”

Haai Lovely’s Today something a bit of the record and really personal.
My dad who always checks the blog when he wakes up and throughout the day is my biggest fan! And also my mom with him because he always shows her what’s on it.
Two really special people and we are so happy with them.
It’s his birthday today and even though it is, it will be a really strange one.
My daddy has cancer and it’s not going to well lately we know it can not be cured.
To get him a little bit stronger he will get his first chemo today. but jups what has to happen has to happen. And we are going for it together positive and strong ❤
We really wanted to show him how much he means for us by posting this for him hope you can understand ❤

Dear Daddy Happy birthday for you and of course for mom to! 
You and mom are the strongest people ever with all the problems still finding the strength to be always the most positive man and women i know! A true example for many people! 
We love you both so much! And throughout it’s not so fun today we will be there with you and we hope this will give us a lot more time to be with each other. 
And as everybody will say to there dad.. you are the best dad ever
We Love you and Mommy very much! 
Big cuddles and een dikke tuut as we always say ;)! 

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