I thought it would be fun to make a what’s in my bag!
My bag i am currently using is by the brand Baqsac! I already have this one for a while and still like it :)! 
And now on to what’s in it! 
2 lipsticks from NYX (Rosebud/ Chic)  i use them on my lips or as a blush touch up/ 
EOS Lipbalm love for the EOS lipbalms!/ Makeup bag/ Little notebook from hema jupjup jip and janneke ;)/ Tissues / My wallet (unkown brand)/ Sunglasses/ 
And an other little bag to fit elastics,swabs,those kind of things/ 
My phone is also sometimes in there and of course my camera! 

I would love to know what’s in your bag!
Let me know in the comments.

Hugs Nora

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