BEAUTY/ Review essence stays no matter what 24h volume mascara!

The essence stays no matter what mascara in a review today!. 
With a pretty neon packaging !.. (that doesn’t show good on the picture but yeah) 
The mascara is on a pretty budget and is only € 3,00
Click to read more and see the before and after pictures below!

The brush is just a normal one, not to big not to small.. it is hairy and not plastic! 

Here without mascara

Here with one layer mascara.
Definitely volume and it ads a length!

And then with two layers.

I like it!
Don’t put it on in a rush because it will be a bit clumpier..!
Take some time and it is fine 🙂

It stays on pretty well even taking it off was a struggle, i have to say after a day the length is a bit gone but no smudge on me so that is a good thing! But for the price i think it is very good!
When you start using the mascara more and it is a bit dryer i think it is even better.
And last of all it is a pretty budget €3.00 is not expensive at all!!

What do you think? let me know in the comments!

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